Industry Focused Accounting Services

James Knutzen & Associates, C.P.A.'s, P.A. is an accounting firm that understands your business and industry, providing an industry specific perspective to meet your needs.

This industry focused concept allows us to offer our client's insight into what may be on the horizon for their business and the skills to deal with whatever lies ahead.

We have organized accounting professionals around several industry areas, areas in which we have significant experience. These industry focused areas of service include:

  • Non-Profit Organizations

    From the beginning James Knutzen recognized that non-profits occupy a unique challenge and need specialized attention and advice to succeed with their stated mission. Our staff has the experience with non-profits to advise and help guide their progress in an ever changing accounting environment.

  • Membership Organizations

    Membership organizations exist for the education and support they can provide to their constituents. Normally they are supported almost wholly through the dues, meetings and contributions of the membership.

  • Foundations

    Foundations are normally funding and fund raising arms of a larger, more publicly recognized non-profit. To this end their goals are to maintain and grow the capital that has been entrusted to them for the betterment of the parent organization.

  • Housing Organizations

    Housing organizations that exist as non-profits are generally highly government regulated and have specific government auditing, accounting and compliance requirements. These corporations serve specific demographic populations.

  • Small Businesses

    Our staff provides primarily tax and consulting services to the many small businesses who are our clients. Small business owners generally do not have the time or expertise to research all of the current tax and regulatory issues that currently exist. We are constantly updating our knowledge to help them.

  • Churches

    Depending upon the denomination of the church, there are specific reporting requirements and regulations that must be adhered to. Our staff performs both financial audits and agreed upon procedure audits for numerous churches in the Jacksonville area.

  • Schools

    Many private schools obtain government funding in order to serve the unique needs of their target students. Because of this government funding these schools are subject to government accounting and compliance requirements.

  • Real Estate

    Real estate is generally profitable but highly cyclical in nature. We provide tax advice and consulting in the areas of timing and depreciation for all of our real estate clients so that they may achieve their goals in the most expeditious manner.


  • Automotive and Trucking Dealers

    These industries are also specialized and require a unique skill set to provide auditing and consulting services. Our staff has been working in this field ever since the foundation of the firm in 1980.

  • Insurance and Finance

    Insurance and finance are market industries that are also highly regulated by both the state insurance departments and the Securities and Exchange Commission. We provide audit, tax services and consulting in this industry.

  • High Income Individuals

    We provide tax and consulting services to our high income individual clients, in order to allow them to achieve their goals and pay the least amount of tax allowed by the current Internal Revenue Code.

  • Estates & Trusts

    Many high income clients have estates and establish trusts to handle the disposition of their wealth in the present and the future. There are many ways within the current tax code to protect and preserve wealth for future generations and individual goals.